The Time of the Bees tells the story of two young beekeepers Mauro and Valerio, who try to breed bees in a natural way, encountering along the path a series of problems that will test their experiment and their friendship. The shooting took place in a country house where our protagonists chose to live together with friends under one roof. The film is an opportunity to reflect on the delicate relationship between a man and nature and the difficulties that might be generated within a relationship by working on a shared project.

With our documentary we would like to tell the atmosphere and the magic of a community project in the countryside, following the dream of two young beekeepers . “The time of the bees” shows the beauty but also the difficulties to carry on a shared project. When we decided to tell this history, Mauro and Valerio shared long-life friendship and they were optimistic it would be done. But the passing of time and unforeseen event connected to the experiment caused a conflict of views which have led to a separation. And so, as like as all the seasons, it passes also the time of the bees, the time of empathy and friendship between Mauro and Valerio.

Director's Note