It is the story of Mauro adn Valerio, two young beekeepers who live in a community project in the countryside. Together they discovered the world of bees and choose a different approach to beekeeping, without preventive and curative treatments. Shot for the duration of three years, which is, according to the new method, the time after which first results can be obtained, The time of the bees is the story of friendship tested by a pioneering experiment.

With our documentary we would like to tell the atmosphere and the magic of a community project in the countryside, following the dream of two young beekeepers . “The time of the bees” shows the beauty but also the difficulties to carry on a shared project. When we decided to tell this history, Mauro and Valerio shared long-life friendship and they were optimistic it would be done. But the passing of time and unforeseen event connected to the experiment caused a conflict of views which have led to a separation. And so, as like as all the seasons, it passes also the time of the bees, the time of empathy and friendship between Mauro and Valerio.

Director's Note